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anonymous said:

As a lower-class woman with periods from hell, I'd really appreciate some kind of discount on tampons and pads. I feel like they're an almost (but not quite) necessary item for a lot of girls nowadays, in the same way soap is.

Can I add to this?
Contraceptives like the pill.
It would be really nice if these were discounted heavily.
It would also reduce the amount of unwanted/teen pregnancy.
Idk about elsewhere, but here it’s a $70 doctor visit just to get the prescription. And then a further $20 for the pill.
That’s $90 every 4 months (or more if youre lucky and your doc gives you multiple repeats) to stop me having a bazillion children.
Just saying, it’d be helpful! :3
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my taxes (well i guess my taxes when i grow up) shouldn't have to go to people who are too fucking stupid to not have sex if they don't want a baby, that's what sex is about and there is literally no 100% prevention scheme except vasectomy so if you sleep around enough you can actually meet the odds to have an accidental baby while protected and not be the unluckiest person in the world

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