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Post by sparky on Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:44 pm

[13:40:29] @ sparky : The day is January 1st 2014. After crushing Obama on election day, Romney got straight to work cleaning up the mess created by the previous administration. The years of class warfare were finally over, and the rich were once again respected for their hard work and job creation. Catholic schools were no longer forced to provide free abortions.. the war on religion waged by the left was no more.

[13:40:37] @ sparky : Obamacare was repealed, and a new American golden age was upon us. The free market drove medical prices so low that every person in America had coverage. People once again understood the necessity of personal responsibility, nobody reached into the pockets of others to feed themselves. Thanks to a hardline policy on China, jobs were no longer outsourced to foreign sweatshops. You own a small business, that you built yourself, with your own sweat, blood and tears. Because there is no longer a minimum wage, small businesses across the country can now afford to employ the more unfortunate members of society and teach them on the job, and as a result unemployment plummets to 1%. As you get in your flying car and get ready for another day at work, you stop and thank god that you were born in the greatest country on the face of this earth. Suddenly, tears begin to stream down your face.. all you can think about is the man that made all of this possible, the man who turned these dreams into reality.

[13:40:48] @ sparky : Your sadness slowly turns to joy and you mumble a few heartfelt words as your car lifts off the newly paved streets.. "Thank you, Mitt Romney."

[13:41:00] @ Queen Kghyilda : lol

[13:41:15] Sethi Xzon : oh my god

[13:41:20] Sethi Xzon : that's the best thing I've ever read

[13:41:28] Sethi Xzon : was that supposed to be serious or a joke

[13:41:40] Sethi Xzon : it's funny too because if it isn't he pointed out some pretty stupid flaws

[13:41:45] @ Queen Kghyilda : it sounds like something off of dumblr

[13:41:48] @ sparky : i dont know i just pasted that shit

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