some of my old writings

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some of my old writings

Post by appaloosa horse on Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:46 am

A long and boring OT history document:
OT City was massive, population being almost 17 million; it was created by a guy named John Shedletsky in January of 1623. The city only had a population of 512 by 1642 and lacked growth until May of 1643, when the first road in Roblox history, besides Poker_Man29 Lane was made, then the city boomed, a population of 500 grew to nearly 23,300, which at that time was considered pretty large, and by 1652 the town had a population of 37,458 by rough estimate. But on August the 22nd, Hurricane Hazuro (Or "The Great Gale of 1652" as it was called then) hit the area, destroying most of the town and killing 34. It left 2,823 of the 37,458 people in the town homeless, and the population decreased to 34,635 people. The city slumped and the population stayed at about 34,000 until 1665 when the population grew to nearly 134,600 in 87 days time, becoming the second largest city in Robloxia to Roblox City which had about 156,928 people. By July of 1666 the population immediately went up to nearly 233,670 making it the largest city in Robloxia. The population continued to boom even faster than ever and by late 1670 the population was 450,000, almost twice the size as it was just four year earlier, it was growing so fast that people had to move outside the city and live in small camps until there was enough housing to support the continually growing city population.

On July 6th of 1672 the city celebrated it's population of 500,000, still being the largest city in the Robloxian world at that time, it also had an fast growing workforce, of which one squad known for making entire blocks of housing appear from seemingly nowhere in a matter of days. But with the growing city, arose problems. The housing was awful, disease such as n00bitus and deletionitus were rampant and the fire risk was really high due to the houses being made from wood. Another problem was the constant battles for control over the town between RT Nationalists and OT Nationalists and sometimes these battles would occur in broad daylight. But the city was still considered one of the if not the best city in the Robloxian world, city life continued, and by 1675 it seemed as if the country of Off Topic had control over the continent of Robloxia, but Roblox Talk seemed to be gaining on them in the race for control, at the time the only four countries were Roblox Talk, Off Topic, Suggestions and Ideas and Technical Issues. (Although, I don't know the actual first forums besides RT and OT and that’s it, moving on.) And Off Topic was always the strongest, although Roblox Talk had a larger army. And as with superpowers, it seemed inevitable that war would ensue, (See also: Cold War, although not a war.) and sure enough it did, taking form as the First Roblox War, between Roblox Talk and Off Topic.

The battle of Fuzzyperson Plains was a relatively short battle, Roblox Talk won that battle, but during the war never seemed to get farther than that, whereas Off Topic steamrolled the Roblox Talk army, almost all the way back to RT City. The war ended on October 7th, 1675, lasting just 8 days. Off Topic lost 633 soldiers, Roblox Talk lost 723. Then the small nation of Lets Make a Deal formed out of Roblox Talk rebels and outcasts, it didn't grow much, but replaced Off Topic as trading market of the Roblox World, but trading still continued in Off Topic, and it continues to this day, although rare. In May of 1676 the first Off Topic leader, master of fire, was killed while riding on the plains of Fuzzyperson, nearly 20 miles away from the capitol of Off Topic (OT City), leaving Off Topic with no leader, but an unknown person at the time by the name of "MSEVI" which was the initials for Menova Serkov Eroy the Sixth, took power as ruler of OT, although soon after taking aforementioned power, MSE's surname was changed from "MSEVI" to "MSE6", who, soon after the change became OT's dictator, and has been since.

After that, Off Topic grew slightly slower (Explaining why it took a total of about 60 more years to get 1,000,000 people in the city from when the 500,000 milestone was achieved) and occasionally, lost a few people to RT. But they still grew, and by mid 1676 they had almost 600,000 people. Another city by the name of Drayve was formed just 20 miles East, near Fuzzyperson Plains to serve as the industry of OT City, making all the weapons and cannons, even though at the time industry was almost completely non existent, it still existed and so, it was useful, as OT's army grew by about 26,000 over the three weeks after Drayve colony was created. On January the 8th of 1677, a terrible blizzard struck the small Drayve colony, killing 27 of its 33 inhabitants at the time, rendering the forming industry useless, causing the disbanding of several Off Topic Army units, and striking a horrible blow on the Off Topic army, as well as killing a few people in OT City, although the worst of the blizzard hit Lets Make a Deal.

By mid June of 1677, the industry had rebounded, infact... Drayve colony went from just five people to nearly 12,000 in just five months. The incredible rebound made the Off Topic army grow so incredibly, it was considered the largest army ever assembled on the Robloxian continent. Roblox Talk was concerned about this sudden rebound, and was just hoping Off Topic didn't attack, and well... OT didn't. Infact, the two superpowers formed an alliance (A short lived one at that.) and that alliance would hold the continent together, although there were only five nations on the continent at the time. That would quickly change, as a 10,384 square mile area of land in the southern part of the continent was colonized by RT'ers, but instead of being burned into the Roblox Talk empire it broke away and became the Sports nation in October 1677. Despite being pretty large of an area at the time, Sports would go on to get a rough population of only 5,000,000 by 2011.

In the west, a small area colonized by Technical Issues, Lets Make a Deal and Suggestions and Ideas was formed, creating the republic of Music and the Sovereign state of World Wide Chat in December of 1677 and the area was formed next to Off Topic, which had hypothetical control of the entire Western part of the island, as well as the islands of Jjek and Morriska. WWC was unofficially part of OT, and on the map WWC was called New Off Topic, but it was not owned by Off Topic and therefore was independent from Off Topic, just twelve days later, half of World Wide Chat broke away from the government of WWC and formed the Independent Free State of Language Center, and the nations of Off Topic, Suggestions & Ideas, Roblox Talk, Technical Issues and Music officially recognized Language Center as a country, whereas World Wide Chat, Sports and Lets Make a Deal did not.

By early 1680 the area had undergone a massive revamp, buildings got larger, towns grew faster, populations spiked upwards and OT City grew from about 600,000 to nearly 700,000, Drayve grew from 22,600 to 112,580, Troll colony grew from 388 to 10,000, RT City went from 450,000 to over 555,000 and the world underwent a "revolution". In 1681, came a new country named Building Helpers, which suffered incredible growth thanks to the boom, growing from 10,000 to 400,000 in less than three months. 1682 however, brought an end to the great population boom with a terrible drought. The drought was horrendous, only .21 inches of rain fell in the wet season. The drought killed many crops and the following famine combined with the intense 130 degree heat in some places killed 317,000 people in Roblox Talk, 241,000 in OT and 1,294,000 in the rest of Robloxia. The great drought was ended in July 1683 by a terrible wet season, In RT 139 inches of rain fell in July alone, in OT, 125 inches fell. Mudslides killed thousands, one hit RT City, it's population nearly 600,000 at the time,. 21,000 people died.

After the terrible droughts and incredible floods, growth was slow. Cities were slowly rebuilt, and new areas were forming. 1684 was a year that changed everything. A small RT convoy was attacked in World Wide Chat while scouting the area, which was forested. Because World Wide Chat was considered by RT to be a part of OT, the RT'ers blamed OT for the attack; the alliance was destroyed by an incident that wasn't even OT's fault. For the years afterwards the relationship between OT and RT continued to disintegrate, which by May 1685 turned into constant violent conflicts between both sides on the borders. One such battle almost started a war, the Rossi Skirmish.

The Rossi Skirmish was the largest skirmish out of all of them, nearly 80,000 OT'ers and RT'ers were around during the massive skirmish, although only about 14,000 were actually a part of it. The skirmish began on October the 18th, 1685 when a lone RT soldier was out hunting. What he thought was an animal was really an OTer, and before he could realize it was a human he'd already shot, the skirmish began. OT'ers who had heard the loud shot began firing back into the woods that made up the Rossi area, and this prompted RT'ers to fire back. Of course by now it was pretty obvious that this was an accident, but skirmishes don't exactly stop just because people realize things were mistakes.

Eventually the skirmish ended. After about five hours of pointless shooting which maybe injured a guy and hit a tree.

And when it ended you'd have assumed by this point you'd imagine everyone would stop being idiots, but nope. More pointless skirmishes went down shortly after the Rossi one ended. Not that it really did anything worth mentioning, aside from almost starting a war. Like I said, high tensions cause this crap. RT basically got really pissed off at OT, as is typical with all things OT does involving RT, really. This ended up starting even more pointless conflicts between OT and RT, and eventually a war. But that's awhile from now. [As in, like 300 years]

Anyways, back to the point.

Skip ahead three years, it is now SIXTEEN SIXTY EIGHT [1668].

Rate My Robloxian, which in 1688 was a colony of RT [a piss poor one at that] decides it's done listening to RT's retarded crap and it declares independence, the morons. Of course, RT, being the drama queen of the time invades RMR and promptly screws it over in about one day, May 23rd, in case you were wondering. OT decides RT has crossed the line, and of course, as usual, declares war... as does Technical Issues, The RMRResistance [resistance is great, you know], Suggestions and Ideas, and Music. Not that any of them did much besides fight a few tiny battles which they pretty much all lost. IN RETURN, Sports, Language Center and World Wide Chat declare war on everybody who declared war on RT.

Blah blah now I'm going to refer to the alliance of OT, TI, The RMRR, S&I, and Mu [MT is taken and MF sounds retarded] as the Off Topic Alliance and I'm going to refer to the alliance of SF, WWC, LC and RT as the Roblox Confederation because they both named their alliances that.

Both alliances names suck, imo. Back to the point.

In case you're confused, RT invaded RMR, and as a result, OT, TI, The RMRR, S&I and Mu declared war on them and formed an alliance, it's name you already know. In return, SF, WWC, LC and RT declare war on OT and form another alliance.

And so begins a POINTLESS WAR!! HOORAY!!


this place is old as fuck

appaloosa horse
wo ist dein gott jetzt?

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Re: some of my old writings

Post by appaloosa horse on Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:49 am

Hacker Alert (I think this is my oldest writing):
After a long time of waiting for the right moment. Hackers attacked the peaceful land of ROBLOX. What happened next was history. This is Hacker Alert! =D

Hacker: *Loopkilling*
Player1: Hacker!!!
Players2-10: Noob!
Player11: Hacker alert!! *Presses Red button on screen*
Telamon: We have a hacker alert on the X-101st Recruitment Center Place!
Builderman: Get to the Banplane!!!
MattDusek: I will get the Telamon Ray and the Banhammer!
MSE6: All Forum Mods to the X-101st Recruitment Center!
Hacker2: All Hackers attack!!
Player22: Hackers! Run! Run!
Guest1337: :(
Player19: Ahhhh!!! *gets stabbed by Darkheart*
Builderman: Hackers are attacking a bunch of places!! We cant keep up!!!
Builderman: Over 700 hackers are charging into places and killing players...
Telamon: SFOTH4 is destroyed!!! Nooooo! I put so much effort into it!!! They will pay!!! (Typical Telamon reaction... >_<)
X-101st Soldier: *gets shot by carbine* Agh...medic!!!
MSE6: >_< Why do I get sent here? *Hits hacker with banhammer*
Hacker: No effect...ban/MSE6
MSE6 has been banned
MSE6: ...Aw crap...
(Meanwhile at SFOTH4)
Telamon: Hello? Anyone there???
Luigi2323: Telamon?
Telamon: Yes? Are there any other survivors?
Luigi2323: No...the hacker Darkhearted everyone but me...then left... I hid in the spawn room....
Telamon: You need to get weapons
Luigi2323: I have some medkits and an well as an Ice Dagger...
Telamon: Ok...hand me a medkit and the Illumina...I kill with it...
Luigi2323: *Hands Telamon medkit and Illumina*
(At ULTIMATE Build To Survive by Ajedi32)
Builderman: Oh dear god...(About 700 hackers are in his POV)
Builderman: We need Backup Now!!!
Telamon:*Flying a Blox26 Bomber* *drops 100 ban bombs on hackers*
Telamon: 161 Bans...a new roblox record >:D
Luigi2323: Land...
Telamon: Ok...
Kianan: *THROWS GRENADE AT HACKER* *Boom* Owned :D
Telamon: *Lands*
Kianan: Telamon?
Telamon: Yes its me...
(Meanwhile At ULTIMATE Build to survive)
Builderman: All admins not in another place to ULTIMATE Build to survive!!!
MSE6: I got banned from the X-101st Recruitment Center -.-
ReeseMcBlox: Does it matter?
MSE6: Yes >.> Now shut up and ban the hackers...
Dignity: I am not a hacker you morons >.>
MSE6: Ban/Dignity
ReeseMcBlox: Nice :D
MSE6: I said ban the hackers with the banplane >.> not sit there like a nub...
Builderman: *FIRE IN THE HOLE!!! Bangrenade blows up and bans 6 hackers*
(At X-101st Recruitment Center
LordNathan: Freaking hackers!!! You will pay for this!! All X-101st attack any hackers you find!!!
GeckoFrog: *slices hackers with sycthe* Ownage >:D
Cptro&Squad: Fire!! *fires MP40Bloxguns at hackers killing 3 and wounding 5 more*
Georged: *Darkhearts hackers* I know you like have some darkheart! *stabs hacker*
Rich872: *Fires RPG* Eat that! *Rocket kills some hackers* Yes! Hahaha!
(Meanwhile at Roblox Int'l Airport)
Kianan: So where are we going?
Telamon: Roblox Military Base in the Roblox Mountains...
Luigi2323: So...what are we gonna do about the hackers?
Telamon: I dont know...*MSE6 calls*... Hello?
MSE6: Telamon! Where the 'ell are you?
Telamon: Why did you use 'ell? Anyways...Roblox Military Base...
MSE6: Ok...
Fireblade55: We need to kill the main hacker...
MSE6: We don't know who it is... >.<
Fireblade55: NomNomNom1?
MSE6: No...that can't be
Telamon: *hacker shoots heatseeking missile at banplane* Oh no!!!!!
Kianan: Ahhh!!!
Luigi2323: Ahhhh!!
Telamon: *Banplane gets hit in the tail* Ahhhhhh!!!!
Kianan: Ahhhhhhh!!!
Luigi2323: Ahhhhh!
*banplane crashes*
Kianan: ugh...Telamon? Telamon?? Telamon get up! Telamon?!?
Luigi2323: Telamon ok?
Kianan: No...not at all...
(Telamon is already dead at this point)
Kianan: Telamon!!! Nooooooooooo!!!!!!
(Meanwhile at ULTIMATE Build to Survive)
MSE6: Too Many!!! *Calls Telamon* Telamon? Hello??? Telamon...pick up
Kianan: Telamon is dead... :(
MSE6: ...
Kianan: Hello? MSE6...did I lose you? *call ends*
(At Telamons Big World...)
DigitalWanderer: *killing hackers with PEW PEW gun* :D *drinks bloxiade* *speed increases* *Hacker group..shoots at Digital* Too slow!!! *slashes hackers apart* :D Ownage...
Fireblade55: Hello? Anyone out there???
Gecko: Yeah
Digital: Yeah
*Geckos group, Fire and Digital meet up*
Gecko: So what happened here?
Fire AND Digital: Hackers everywhere...
Hacker Group: Yahhh!!! *Charges at them with guns*
Geckos Group: *Charges with banzai attack*
*Hackers get slashed in half...*
Gecko: Easy :D
(At ULTIMATE Build to survive)
MSE6: Telamon is Dead....
Builderman, Erik, Reese, Dusek and RobloTim: What?!?
MSE6: I got a call from Kianan...they got shot down by hackers...
Builderman: ... -.-'
MSE6: Oh well...guess we can still win...
Erik.Cassel: Doubt it...
(Back At Telamons Big World)
Fireblade: Telamon is dead!
Gecko's Group and Digital: What?!?
Fireblade: ...True...shot down by hackers...Telamon died on impact... Kianan and Luigi2323 survived...
Gecko: Nooooo!!
Digital: Who will help us win now?
Kianan: ...*calls Excelerate* Hello?
Excelerate: Hello...
Kianan: Excelerate...hackers have taken over Robloxia...
Excelerate: What?!?
Kianan: And Telamon died... :(
Excelerate: ...O_O No way....
(At ULTIMATE Build to Survive)
MSE6: Run!!!
Builderman: ...Oh no
ReeseMcBlox: >_< Oh dear god...
RobloTim: O_O NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Builderman: Run!!!
Fireblade55, Gecko's group and DigitalWanderer arrive in UBTS (Ultimate Build to Survive)
Fireblade: Stop running!!!
Gecko: ...>_< They will get banned if they dont...
ROBLOXian Army: Fire!!! *Artillery fires from Mt. Roblox*
Builderman: *Explosion right next to him* Ahhh!!
MSE6: Ahhhh!!!
*Planes fly overhead and drop ban bombs everywhere as well as Roblox Military charge and start firing on the hackers*
Robloxian Soldier: Charge!!! *Fires*
Hackers: Charge!!!
Everyone: *massive melee*
Soldier: Ahhh!!! *gets stabbed by sword*
Hacker139: *shot by a gun*
YuriMan8: *Shoots a bunch of hackers*
RobloTim: O_O Ahhhhh *banned*
ROBLOTIM has been banned
Excelerate: *Ban hammers 25 hackers*
Kianan:*Telamonrays 10 more*
Hackers: Ahh!
HackertanK: *Boom*
Grolala: YAY!
Sparky260: YAY!
Mamamia64: YAY!
Builderman: They are going into different games!!! We may have won here but they got into other games... -.-

Kianan's Robloxia Plane Crash:
January 26th. 2011
Robloxia Airlines Flight 6208
11:06 AM

PART 1 (Boarding and Takeoff)
Several OT'ers including me were headed out on a vacation in Robloxia Islands. We were boarding the flight we would take to the islands when I noticed a small dent in the planes door. This door which would be closed when everyone was inside would cause something I would have never imagined.

11:17 AM

Kianan: Hey Fred...Ever thought something bad is going to happen?
Fred38: Yeah. But not in a plane. I doubt anything will go wrong.
Pilot david.baszucki: Attention everyone. Please fasten you're seatbelts and prepare for takeoff! Thank you!
Kianan: Better buckle up. Don't want to fly forward. That would be bad.

11:18 AM

We sped down the runway and took off at around 11:20 AM. Everything was fine and peaceful. The crew members in the nose being david.baszucki, Builderman, Noob007 and eric.cassel and the flight attendants being: MSE6, Reesemcblox and HolyMac.

Part 2 (Start of it all)
*The plane shakes*
Kianan: Whoa. WTH?
MSE6: What was that?
Fred38: ...
*The plane stops shaking*
Fred38: That’s not good...

We never noticed that the door was starting to break. But just before 11:35 something happened. A ping sound. That turned out to be one of the 6 bolts holding the boarding door on flying out of its place. We didn't notice but it seemed to hit something. A few seconds after the ping noise a boom was heard from the second engine. There was a fire in the engine.

Kianan: Fire! Fire!!!
Fred38: Ahh!
Geckofrog: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!
Smiley2000: Help! Help!

Suddenly the wing started to disintegrate. A piece of debris flew through Fred38's window and went into his head. Killing him. More pieces flew through the plane making holes in the walls and floors. The boarding door flew off and with it the entire first four rows of chairs. We watched in shock as users were sucked out. Never to be seen again. Chaos ensued and the plane started disintegrating.

david.baszucki: The planes on fire!!!
Builderman: We need an emergency landing! Nearest airport is OT International about 71 miles away.
david.baszucki: We won't make it that far! We need a closer landing place!

Suddenly a piece flew through the windshield and killed Noob007.

david.baszucki: ...Noob007! No! Noooo! Eric. Check on him.
eric.cassel: He isn't breathing. I think he is dead.
david.baszucki: What are we going to do?
eric.cassel: I have no id-

eric.cassel, noob007 who was already dead, Builderman and david.baszucki were separated from the rest of the plane and they fell towards the ocean. The rest of the plane would start falling apart and with it many users. The plane...was basically gone.

Part 3 (Crashed)

11:21 AM

After the front had flown off you could see the ocean. What was grim for us though was that we saw the front fly off. As it hit the ocean the part that came off exploded and 3 of the admins in it died. We hit the water and me and many others were knocked unconscious. We floated ashore. Pieces rained down in a fiery inferno. The part of the plane that was left was sinking into the water. Few others made it out without drowning. MU11 was trying to revive Anna200 and DoT was trying to find a few others.

Kianan: I see david.baszucki!
KapnKate: I thought he died.
david.baszucki: The others are dead.
Kianan: Great. We have no help.

A few people. One being Holymac...were sitting in fuel. They never knew it was there. A fire started. A spark hit the fuel and a few people were ignited. Holymac had lived. The few others were burned severely. The smoke wasn't visible. The entire plane was stretched in a line for 22 miles. We didn't know if we would live. All we knew was that the plane was gone and with it...Over 200 ROBLOXians.

(Part 4) Rescue

10:51 PM

Lost on a small island. We can't drink the water. We have only coconuts to eat and drink from. No rescue. Its already probably about 10:30. I will stay awake if any rescue comes. In the morning we will be building a raft and scouting for survivors. We have no warmth except the burning fires in pieces of the planes. Its cold and blustery. Its snowing. We are freezing and there is barely any chance of living. Well. I don't know. Anyways. This may be my last day.

4:55 AM

Kianan: I see rescue! I see rescue! Wake up! Wake up!

The helicopter arrived. Only 17 of us were alive. The rest killed in the crash or died due to hypothermia. KapnKate was the first up, Anna200 second, Me third, david.baszucki fourth and fifth was MyUsername11. The rest got in a different chopper...We were alive and soon to be transported to a hospital. Soon I would be safe. But then would come rehabilitation...and the investigation.

Part 5 (Hospital Days.)


As the days went by news of the crash reached Roblox HQ. Telamon mourned the loss of the several admins. In the hospital david.baszucki died of injuries and reesemcblox who also survived died. Anna200 and DoT were left without legs. MU11 was left with a destroyed left arm. Others suffered severe burns. Holymac did live. But with such a crippled body he would die about 18 months after the crash. KapnKate was one of only 3 of the 17 survivors who had had no really bad injuries. I myself wasn't that badly injured. Just with me having internal bleeding I would be stuck in the Hospital for about 2 weeks. I myself...would be one of the main investigators. As I had been hired for Air Investigator a week before. Having seen things up in person I would have the perfect view for the Investigators. However. With the debris underwater and scattered. It would be a long way to the end of the case.


this place is old as fuck

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wo ist dein gott jetzt?

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Re: some of my old writings

Post by appaloosa horse on Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:51 am

OT Mansion:
Part One

Everyone: *arives*
(PEOPLE ALIVE: Anna200,Mu11,Kianan,DoT,Blue Tiger,McKailey,Clockwork :),Holymac,Masterdylan and Boeing717)

Anna200: ...Yay for popsicles
MU11: ...
Holymac: Wait. Why are we here again?
Kianan: Yay.
Blue Tiger: *gets shot* Agh. *dead*
Kianan: RUN! RUN!!!
HolyMac: ._.
MU11: ...o.o
Clockwork: Uh? What happened? I was AFK eating turkey.
MU11: ...Blue Tiger got sniped. D:
???: This is my mansion. They will all die. But for now. I will let them live.
(End Part One)

Blue Tiger has been terminated.

(Part Two)
(PEOPLE ALIVE: Anna200,Mu11,Kianan,DoT,McKailey,Clockwork :),Holymac,Masterdylan and Boeing717)

Clockwork: Good Night guys!
Everyone else except blue: GN clocky.
*light turned off*
*light turned back on*
Clockwork: O_o
MU11: *faints*
Kianan: *still asleep* WTH?
Holymac: *dead*

???: Ahahahaha! >:D

Anna200: Huh?
???: Oh crap. *turns invisible*
Anna200: *goes back to bed*

HolyMac has been terminated.

(End of Part Two)

(Part Three)

(PEOPLE ALIVE: Anna200,Mu11,Kianan,DoT,McKailey,Clockwork :),Masterdylan and Boeing717)

Anna200: UMG POPSICLES!!!!!! :3
Mu11: LOL
Kianan: ...*grenade gets thrown at MU11*
MU11: Kianan? Did you throw this?
Kianan: ...It flew into here.
MU11: ...
Anna200: UMG GRENADE!!!!!!
Kianan: *Jumps away*
Kianan: O.O
MU11: Ow. *dead*
Anna200: *dead*
Kianan: Guys!!!
Everyone else: What?
Kianan: Go to the kitchen.
*In kitchen*
Everyone: WTH happened here?
Kianan: Grenade. Into. House. Killed MU and Anna200.
Kianan: >_<
???: Trolololololol. :D

Anna200 and MyUsername11 terminated.

(End Part Three)

(Part Four)

(PEOPLE ALIVE: Kianan,DoT,McKailey,Clockwork :),Masterdylan and Boeing717)

Kianan: Lets go outside. We must get out of here!!!
Clockwork: Ok. *Is stabbed* AHHHHHH.
Kianan: GUYS!!! RUN!!!!!!!
Masterdylan: I called in the ROBLOX Military. They will be here in a second.
Roblox Soldier: *is blown up*
Clockwork: *dead*
Kianan: Upstairs to the closet!
*In the closet*
Kianan: ...*is stabbed*

Kianan and Clockwork terminated.

(Part Five. The Finale)

(PEOPLE ALIVE: DoT,McKailey,Masterdylan and Boeing717)

DoT: *shoots ???*
???: X.x
Masterdylan: Kianan is dead. Great. Now who will I RP With? D:
Boeing717: ...AwesomeT21?
AwesomeT21(AKA: ???): Nuuuuuuuu. *dies*
Everyone: O.o?



this place is old as fuck

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Re: some of my old writings

Post by buttcrusher on Mon Feb 04, 2013 10:09 am


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Re: some of my old writings

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